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Haseeb Ansar

Haseeb Ansar Asked 2 years ago

i have my friend whos best in block nowadays specially Lol i mean he s in good form so that its difficult for me to win against him . My third ball attack was achievable against him but all my attacks re in vain against his block tell me the proper strategy to deal with this kind of player.

Me and my opponent both are right handed but my defensive strategy is pretty much weaker than him and also tell me how to reangle your racquet for the next topspin if there is a speedy block i tried but its often goes out of the net please? 

Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 2 years ago

Hi Haseeb,

The main thing against a blocker is to use variation of spin, speed and placement to beat them.  If you try to use speed alone you will find that they will utilise this to out position you.

We have a tutorial on this in our "Playing Against" Series section on Playing A Blocker.

We also have a tutorial on Forehand Followup that will help you to adjust to the second forehand.  The main thing I find is that you have to turn your bat more over the ball.  Most players hit that next ball off the end of the table.


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