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Alan Tan

Alan Tan Asked 10 years ago

Hello Coach,

 I am a 27 year old beginner (3rd week of training). In your videos, you mentioned that it is important for a beginner to have a relatively slow blade in order to properly learn the basics. On my first day, a coach suggested this bat for me:

Blade: Andro kinetic supreme off 
Rubber: Hexar Duro

 A few of the other students have tried the bat and pointed out that it is too fast for them (based on their specifications, would you think that it is?). My question is, what should a beginner do if he is stuck with a bat that is too fast. Is there anything that should be changed in terms of the way he trains? 


Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 10 years ago

Hi Alan,

I don't know much about this blade but it sounds like it might be a little fast.  The Hexer also sounds a little fast for a player that has only been playing 3 weeks.

The whole equipment thing is so confusing as you would have found.

We recommend a few rubbers for players.  The first one is Mark V.  I think this is fast enough.  We would even recommend a step before that where you play with a premade bat.  Again there are hundreds out there.  We recommend the PingSKills Rook but if you can find one at the higher end of the range they are usually pretty good.  If you find one and would like information on it let me know.

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