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Rafael Dessotti

Rafael Dessotti Asked 4 years ago

Hey guys, firts of all thank you for all videos. I'm learning so much with them. 

Here is my question, the forehand/backhand push is the better way to return backspin serve? Which other option I may have?

I ask this because I play with a friend that does backspin serve many times. It's difficult to me to return his ball with a push stroke(maybe I have to practice more). Most times a push long and he start attacking.

So, is there other way to return or I have to improve my push strokes?

Thanks a lot, and greettings from Brazil

Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 4 years ago

Hi Rafael,

You can try the Forehand Flick or the Backhand Flick if the ball doesn't have too much backspin on it.

The other more advanced option is the Backhand Sidespin Flick.  It is more effective against backspin but also a more risky stroke in general.

Alternately, keep practicing the push and work on getting it shorter.  Do this by relaxing your hand and taking the ball early off the bounce on your side of the table.




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