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Ji-Soo Woo

Ji-Soo Woo Asked 14 years ago

This is not really an ask-the-coach type question but I was curious to get your thoughts.

I've seen (personally and on youtube) a wide range of celebratory yells by table tennis players. Who has the 'best' yell in your opinions? Of course this is highly subjective. Personally, the best yell I've heard is by Simon Gerada. I watched his 2007 Australian Open Finals against William and loved his Conan-the-Barbarianesque 'cho's!

A little aside question. I have a book on table tennis that claims loud emotional players have a disadvantage over those that keep a calm focus during a game (all things being equal). I would have thought this was just a matter of personal preference. What do you think?

Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 14 years ago

Hi Ji-Soo,

Some interesting ideas there.

Yes Simon probably does have the best yell in Australia.  The Korean have been known to possess some good yells in the past, as have the Japanese who would run a lap of their court every time they won a point.

As for the advantages of being loud that becomes very interesting.

The idea is to be able to think clearly when you are playing. If you become tyoo emotional this must stop your ability to think clearly.  Everyone has their own optimal level of emotional stimulation that is ideal for them.  It differs for everyone, but I think in general players become too emotional rather than the other way to perform at their best.

If you think about it, in a big match you would never be too low emotionally.  The thought of winning a big match would send you over the top rather than being too low.

Most of the time we need to calm ourselves if anything especially in a match that is important to us. 

In a training session it is probably the opposite.  We need to get ourselves up to a higher level that is closer to a match situation.


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Thoughts on this question

Ji-Soo Woo

Ji-Soo Woo Posted 14 years ago

Personally I like to play against emotional players (emotional in a good way of course, not in a bad-sportsman way) because I tend to be quite demonstrative myself.  If you are playing in a comp where everyone is very sedate, then you feel self-conscious about pumping fists and uttering triumphant cries.  Nothing like a bit of theatre!

sami feras

sami feras Posted 8 years ago

fan zhendong has the best one 

Pratap Pandit

Pratap Pandit Posted 7 years ago

Thanks Alois for the great advice. 

I agree that in a match, emotions are already high and if one is able to keep emotions under control, it would help in the following ways:

1. Lower expenditure of precious energy on these emotional show of strength

2. More energy and time available to concentrate on the strategy for the next point. Our brain is  really a big energy guzzler

3. Keeps the opponent thinking as too why is this player not celebrating after a winner. Most opponents would think that it must be because the player feels that he could have played a better shot and that is definitely going to put doubts and a bit of apprehension in the opponents mind

4. The shout could now be used to further confuse the opponent by using it after a particular weak service or shot


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