Blade advice - timo boll alc vs w5

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murray paterson

murray paterson Asked 8 years ago

Hello, Im planning to change my setup (current is timo boll all+ and tenergy 64fx)

Want slowest tenergy so im going with 05fx

Whats the difference between all of the butterfly blade?

(w5,boll spirit, IF AL, TB ALC, Michael Maze and Jun Mizutani ZLC)

Which one would suit me(intermediate but refining player, decent consistency in most strokes) :

-Close to table blocks and topspin attack 

-Some far from table loops

I am used to very light blades but could probably adapt if best.

So... What is best (acceptable power but mainly good control) ? 


Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 8 years ago

Hi Murray,

I will leave this to the readers to help you out.  I haven’t used many of those blades.

The blade is much less important to the overall performance than the rubber.

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