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Mateusz Esm

Mateusz Esm Asked 2 years ago


I’m playing table tennis for 3 years (amateur). I’ more confident with my fh strokes. I was playing with donic waldner ultra senso carbon blade with fx-p on bh side and xiom vega pro on fh side for 6 months. 

I had a really good feeling on my bh side. I really liked it. My forehand side was hard to control. Some day every ball was in the table and some day not. I was really frustrated with that.

Yesterday I decided to change my setup to grubba all+ blade, fx-p on bh and mx-p on fh. After first session of training I spotted that the ball was going a lot slower. I liked that control. I could more easily return serves. My forehand strikes had enough power and control but i think my bh side is too slow. I couldn’t finish the point with my backhand side as i was doing with my previous blade. 

Right now I’m really confused what to do. Do you think I should give the grubba blade a little more time or come back to the old blade.?

Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 2 years ago

Hi Mateusz,

I would stay wth the Grubba and allow your Backhand time to adjust.  Think about playing a slightly nigger stroke or adjusting the angle of your bat through the stroke slightly.  It won't be a big adjustment.

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