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cernmach minime

cernmach minime Asked 10 years ago

Hi Coach, 

I purchased Grubba Carbon blade last year and it developed cracks (pretty big ones) in the middle part of the handle breadth wise. Then I purchased the Yasaka one and again it recently developed cracks. These cracks make it difficult to play as it loses the feel and the sound it generates is different. Could you please tell if this is common or I am unlucky.

Also could you please suggest a good Allround-Offensive blade? (the one that is not very fast...) Also could you please suggest rubbers for me? My first bat had Sriver/Sriver EL on BTY Grubba Carbon 7 ply. I used to like it a lot but I felt it was kinda slow. My second bat is Yasaka  Mark V on Yasaka Gatien Extra. I feel this is too light of a bat and also a little bit on the slower side. 


Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 10 years ago

Hi Cernmach,

That does sound odd to have cracks in your bat like that.  When you put a little pressure on the handle does the bat feel weak? 

I would recommend you just go for a faster rubber.  The next rubber we recommend is the Yasaka Pryde rubber.  This will give you a bit more speed than the Mark V.  Equipment gives less change than most players feel.  It is more important to get on the training track and work at your game. 

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