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Justin O'Toole

Justin O'Toole Asked 9 years ago

Hi Alois i want to ask about a couple of rubbers and blades that i use i have two bats.

My spare bat is a Donic Epox top speed combined with Andro Roxon rubbers. My main bat is a Donic Ovtcharov carbospeed with Andro Hd Hexer rubbers. I like the Donic Ovtcharov blade better than the Epox top speed also i like the Andro Hexer hd rubbers better than the Roxon rubbers.

I find that with my main bat the Donic Ovtcharov with the Andro Hexer Hd rubbers i am feeling more spin-speed, lots of power and much more control. My spare bat i feel it is for great power but i have less spin it feel more of a bat for speed.

Have you had any thing to do with these rubbers-blades Alois, do you know anything about them? Thank you for your time once again thank Jeff too. Yourself and Jeff have re kindeled my passion for table tennis i have nver had so much passion and fun thanks Alois and Jeff Cheers justin.

Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 9 years ago

Hi Justin,

Not much experience with these rubbers and blades.

One thing though, is I think you should have your spare blade as similar to your main blade as possible.  If you are forced to change bats in the middle of a match because you damage one, it will be difficult to adjust to the new one immediately.

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Thoughts on this question

Justin O'Toole

Justin O'Toole Posted 9 years ago

Great thanks Alois cheers Justin.

Rene van der Kleij

Rene van der Kleij Posted 9 years ago

Using two identical blades with same rubbers is also great to get the max. out of the rubbers, I use two TB-Spirit’s, one for National competition, and one for local competition and training. I put on new rubbers on my training bat every time just before National competition so it becomes my competition blade, than the former competition blade becomes the training blade and so on, every 90 days + ,with the advantage of having two excellent blades during National competition.

Justin O'Toole

Justin O'Toole Posted 9 years ago

Very interesting never thought of that before.! You can never stop learing new things all the time. Great answer.

Marcus Anbau

Marcus Anbau Posted 9 years ago

Both are very similar blades, normally the Ovtcharov should be faster, but of cause it allways depends on the the whole combination of rubber and blades, also the weight plays its part.

Dont know exactly which Roxon you got there, but all of them have less spinpotential than the Hexer HD.

Also depends if both rubbers have same thickness. Some blade manufacturers are able to produce blades with allmost same weight consistent, some are not.

I found my Donic blades allways vary quite a lot in weight, so I usually get them pre weighed before I buy them.

It could be that your Epox is a bit heavier than it should be, usually making it stiffer and faster, thus less controll and more speed.

Some other thought...

Dont know how good you are, but those blades, they are very fast with low control. One needs excellent technique and footwork to master such blades, imo they are for pros.

I suppose you are a looper? Test the Waldner Senso Ultra Carbon and get it around 86g, it is very fast(if you want it to, has kind of gears, due to the way it is constructed), but also offers much greater control . Its slightly head heavy, so great for flips/flicks and all kind of topspin vs backspin,its 7 ply(aprox. 5.8 mm thick), but still much more flexible(the more flexible, the bigger the spinpotential) than your current blades.It has vibrations, but low, dont find them bad, gives more feel, your Ovtcharov certainly feels more "dead".





Justin O'Toole

Justin O'Toole Posted 9 years ago

Yes i am a looper that is my style fellow pingskillers. I loop slow, medium, and fast. My two favourite shots are a loop kill and a sidespin loop that curves away with heaps of side spin heaps. I do this on my backhand and forehand.I counter attack-drive shots no where near as much.

I wish i could counter attack-drive more as i don't attack enough.! But with the help of Ping skills Alois and Jeff i am starting to attack more. I can tell you though i love my andro hd Hexers and my Donic Ovtcharov 100% i am very comfortable with them.!!

My Donic Epox top speed is ok but i feel i am less accurate with this blade and are prone to making many more mistakes than my Donic Ovtcharov. Also i don't like the Andro roxon any where near as much as the Andro hexer hd. Thanks for your comments they are interesting, helpful and it sounds like you know your blades.

Marcus Anbau

Marcus Anbau Posted 9 years ago

I familiarised myself very detailed with everything concerning building blades, used materials and how they work and influence the feel and speed of the blade.

I also tested lots of blades, yes I know my way around those things.
At the moment you play a very fast and stiff blade, with lower throwangle and a rubber (hexer hd) with also a lower throwangle, all that is less suportive of the kind of style you like to play. Only great players with great technique and very fast motion are really capable to use its speed and still be able to put enough spin on the ball to be an issue for opponents. Only you can tell if it applies to you.

I know many players who use too fast equipment , than is good for them.

Imo if you use a more flexible and a rubber with higher throw it will improve your looper style much more:) Rubbers like the normal hexer, tenergy 05, Donic Blufire M1,M2, Tibhar Evolution MX-P for example. Just my 2 cents.

Justin O'Toole

Justin O'Toole Posted 9 years ago

Very interesting thoughs. For some time now maybie 5 years i have been using very fast blades and fast spinny rubbers. Many years ago when i was younger i had coaching from a fantastic Polish guy. I also for about 3 years used Butterfy rubbers Srivers g 3 i found them great.

But for some reason I like the Andros hexer hd the best out of all the rubbers i have tried.

Justin O'Toole

Justin O'Toole Posted 9 years ago

Yes i love my Andros hexer hd but also my Donic Ovtcharov blade Don't really know why i like my blade, but every time i pick it up and put it in my hand i feels great like an long lost friend. When i hit with it i feel comfortable like i know where its going and what it is doing. Don't know why but this is definatlely the case.

My epox top speed has the opposite affect feels kinda wierd and i feel like i don't know where the ball is going to end up. I just can feel the blade its controll. About 6 years ago i was using a stiga titanuim blade, it was fantastic for spin and controll but not very powerfull. Anyone head of this bat.?

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