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Brady Spinster

Brady Spinster Asked 7 years ago

Hey Alois,

I have been playing table tennis for about a year and a half, but recently I have been getting really into it. I'm good at spin but the rubber and grip on my bat is too slippery to perform any crazy spin. I'm very tempted to put some wicked spin into my game. Any bat that you'd recommend to me that you know has good control and has a lot of spin? Thank you.  


Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 7 years ago

Hi Brady,

Having some grip on your rubber is important if you are trying to develop your game.

The bat that we have is the PingSkills Rook.  This will allow you to generate good enough spin but will also give you good control l of the ball.

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D K Posted 7 years ago

Blade can affect spin?

Hendrik S

Hendrik S Posted 7 years ago

Soft Blades, more flexible and give a longer dwell time with the ball. It is easier to create spin with them, especially with slow strokes/slow arm movements. U will find it harder to create decent spin with a stiff, hard blade like carbon or also 7 plies(stiff) instead of 5(more flex), if u havent got perfect technique or dont want to do a very fast, brushing stroke.

Note that its also a quite similar effect with the soft and hard rubbers and in combination its the bat spinning the ball in the end, while the rubbers contribute the most.


D K Posted 7 years ago

Thus a combination medium-medium-soft (fh-blade-bh) will produce what spin?


D K Posted 7 years ago

If the Rakza7Soft-VictasMatsushita-TSP Curl p1 is this combo...

Hendrik S

Hendrik S Posted 7 years ago

If u talk about the spin of different rubbers, the surface is another important aspect. Some rubbers have a spinnier surface than others ->for example more grip or tackiness. What is important: The only rubbers for creating much spin on your own are the inverted rubbers. In your example you gut the Curl P1, isnt it a long pimple rubber? If so, you wont be able to create much spin on your own and have to wait for the opponents spin in order to play it back reversed, with more or less spin. I recommend you the video about different rubber surfaces and their effect. The Rakza 7 is a good rubbers for spin and in the soft version it should be really easy to spin the ball, also with slow arm movements. Its also important to say that u need inverted rubbers with a sponge thickness more than 1,5(better 2.0 or max) to create great spin. With a thin sponge u cant really spin the ball that much, but its harder to control the ball with a thicker sponge, as it also gets faster. In order to learn how to spin the ball its recommended to use a soft blade, its harder with a medium one. But in general it should be possible to give good spin on the ball with the VictasMatsushita, even though its rather a blade for experienced DEF players, who also want to attack on the forehand side. Could be a bit harder to spin the ball here and its not so good if u still want to learn the forehand topspin stroke and so on.

To come to an end, im not sure about the view you have about ur material :P Its not the bat alone that will produce spin for you, its always the player in combination with the bat. Someone who is a great experienced long pimple def player with a decent forehand topspin and really good control might handle this blade and "prodcue" good spin. Someone who starts or plays just for 2 years might not be able to produce good controlled spin, much less hit the ball on the table with a thick, soft rakza 7 tensor rubber and long pimples which are hard to control. I dont know ur style of play and ur level, but if u still want to learn something about spin i wouldnt recommend this bat at all. Remember spin is also only one aspect of the game and keenly linked to the other aspects, like speed and control.


D K Posted 7 years ago

I know about the properties of the surface and how does it affect spin.
I was talking purely about the effect of hardness.
Yes,Curl P1R is a long pimple rubber and is said to be one of the spinniest longpips.
Yes,long pips cannot generate much spin on their own,but still SOME spin,although it rarely affects the game.

I know that the thickness also has an effect...but the control is not so good.
This is why I would like a rubber that has very sticky surface,I can create tons of spin with it,but at the same time a thin sponge.

That blade....I have tested it today for the first time...
My defense and attack have improved from both sides.
I am now able to keep the chops really low and spinny.
I am also able to attack from both sides.
Even with longpips.

Haha,I know that the bat will not create the spin..but it HELPS to create it....and my play is based on the greatest possible spin.

My mates say that I should be able to reach the Regional League easily.
This is the league at the level of Regions,the players wh oare already too strong for District League.
The next level would be  State League,the best from the whole country.
Currently,I play in the Fifth District League,this is the lowest,and I have 0% here.
My mates who saw me play with the Victas blade said that I can get better with it and I trust them.
I really can play better with it compared to the previous blades.
TSP Curl P1R...hard to control? is not Curl P-4 Chop,but still can be controlled well.

My style?
I am currently something around the modern defense style.
But I am aiming to get as close as possible to the ultimate classical defending,so that I would need an attack as rarely as possible.

Hendrik S

Hendrik S Posted 7 years ago

Yea as the question was so general i could only replay in general, couldve saved me some time. damn ;)

Im not an expert on pips and i think not many people here can give u details about them, just wanted to say that the curl wouldnt be good to start with, as i didnt know if u were kinda new or not. For u as an experienced pip player its a different story. Of course at higher levels the blade shouldnt be too soft and as it seems to fit with your pips: fine :P U know your pips and blade better then me, as im an inverted player :D

So if i get that right ur question was rather about the forehand rubber? The Rakza 7 soft should definately have great spin potential on your blade, but i dont know if its the right rubber for you. Such specific things are quite hard to tell from the distance, its not like the general questions. What i can tell you about the hardness of the rubber is that its also a personal preference and depends on your arm movement/control. I only hope that u learned the topspin stroke on a soft blade(feedback) and can perform well with the victas. It might play a bit harder(more stiff) on the forehand side? I never played it, so im not sure if its a def blade with such a feature for modern defense and also which version u got, there is one version more off, but still a def blade as it seems. If the blade is too stiff for loop/spin, choosing a softer rubber is something i wouldnt do. I dont really like soft rubbers, they play less linear and with the right technique u can get more control and spin with harder rubbers. But thats only my opinion. (Soft rubbers are also less durable tho :D)

It depends also on the money u want to spend. Butterfly has some really good rubbers, but they are a bit insane with their prices <.< The Tenergy rubbers are some of the best u can get on the forehand, considering the quality and they are often used by defenders, too. But here your style plays an important role again. The Tenergy 64 is more for a play away from the table and the Tenergy 05 is better if you want to play the balls closer to the table with your forehand. It is said that T 80 is something like a mixture of both, but i never saw this rubber. You should definately get max spin with this rubbers, so maybe a Tenergy in 1,9 or 1,7? , depending on the control u need, could be an option, if u want to spend the money.. ^^ Theres also a softer Fx Version. Unless u know that u really prefer soft rubbers on your blade i would also try to compare Rakza soft to normal Rakza and Xiom Vega pro or sth like this. Such rubbers are often used by higher class defenders on their forhand.

Cause softer rubbers will always have some non linear trampoline effect and if you hit the ball harder with hard rubbers you can find yourselve having more power and control. Try it out ;)


Hendrik S

Hendrik S Posted 7 years ago

I just read that you are looking for a "sticky" surface and if you dont want that much speed, but good spin, the chinese rubbers might be worth a try as well. Alot of spin is created by the tackiness of the surface.. They are very hard tho and might be useable only for chinese style attackers, who stretch their arm like fuck on the forhand xd Just another thing that came to my mind.

Hope that you will find a good, spinny forehand that you can control

Good Luck! :D


D K Posted 7 years ago

I am also not an expert but I am interested in equipment.
I started to play with longpips on 25th January 2014.
I started with Hallmark Panther mediumpips,but they were old and lost most of its original properties.
I replaced them with TSP Curl p-4 Chop after a month.
I have chosen these longpips as they are said to have much control and it has proven true.
Now I am testing the TSP Curl p-1 R,because my original P-4 rubber was destroyed during a removal.
I have broken my blade so I needed to remove rubbers.
And the blade....I have dreamed about this blade since I glued on the TSP p-4 for the first time.

My question was generally about how does the hardness affect spin,in the case of blades or rubbers.
Yes,Rakza7SOft is very spinny rubber.
In combo with the Victas blade,I am able to do a poweful spin.
I also realised I like soft rubbers.
I have learned my first topspin with the Joola Eagle Fast blade.
It had no control,but was certainly fast.
I can perform quite well with the Victas.
You know,I need some time to get used to it.
But the feel is wonderful,it's like having a bat from light thin steel.
It is just a bit faster than my previous blade,the Defplay Senso Classic.
The Victas blade is perfectly balanced blade and no,it does not have faster forehand than backhand.
Both sides are equal.
This is why I can attack and even loop with both inverted forehand and longpimpled backhand.
It has three versions:
Victas Matsushita OFF
Victas Matsushita
Victas Matsushita DEF
I am using the second one,the Victas Matsushita
It is a DEF rated balde,but actually,it is around ALL+ speed.

I gave a lot of money for this blade because I believed it has a high quality,what has proven true.
But I would never give so much money for a rubber.
Rubber lasts for year,blade can last for 10 years.
And this blade was only two pounds more expenisve compared to the famed Tenergy.
I do not trust Butterfly,they have disappointed me and not only once.
I tried Tenergy 05FX,25 and 64FX.
I could not control any of them.
Maybe they had good speed,but....25 was behaving like glass,no chance to create spin...and the control?
My game is focused on  spin and control.
For me,no rubber and no blade has "too much" of it.
Also,I hate the feel of Tenergy.
I also tried normal Rakza,but it was too fast.
Xiom very hard to get it here.

I quite like this trampoline :DD
But it also depends on the topsheet a lot.

It is almost impossible to get to some Chinese rubbers here...
And as you said,they are hard.

I hope I already found...

(if you want to discuss this more please use an e-mail,I do not want to spam Alois's answers)

niladri bagchi

niladri bagchi Posted 7 years ago

Hey Alois,

I am  from india  i love playing table tennis  and am serious about it so i want to buy a custom  blade ... so can you plz recommend me a custom blade i am bit  confused between premade bat from palio and  custom blade with mark v rubber

Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario from PingSkills Posted 7 years ago

Hi Niladri,

We have the PingSkills Touch blade.  Get something that is not too fast to start with.  The bat with Mark V is a good idea.

Dustin TT

Dustin TT Posted 7 years ago

Hey Brady,

I found this table tennis paddle guide which goes into the how's and why's of choosing a ping pong paddle. They're pretty thorough. It's important to get a paddle that fits your style, so the first thing is figuring out what kind of player you are. Do you like to focus more on power or spin? Of course, it's important to be well-rounded, but everyone has their specialty as well. These things all play into the decision you make. Don't waste money on a paddle that EVERYONE else loves if it doesn't fit YOUR style. 


Hope that helps!

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