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dhanbir sanasam

dhanbir sanasam Asked 9 years ago

Dear Coach

I have been playing Ping pong under the comments and video clips available under your website and i have attained most of the skills of ball brushing, top spin pushing etc. my greatest problem is non synchronisation between my will and action( Body movement + balance) when i face the ball delivered by my opponent.

 some of the Examples are

1. When i am suppose do backhand top spin i will be short from the ball because of my  leg not moving towards the ball.

2.When i am suppose forehand push my leg just get delayed to push with balance than the ball is off the table

3. when i am about to go for forehand to spin body balance off because the left leg stepped instead of right leg.

So kindly suitable suggestions or any drill to synchronise body movement and mind.

With regards

Dhanbir, India

Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 9 years ago

Hi Dhanbir,

You need to just do a lot of footwork drills.  It is not a matter of anything specific at this stage but a lot of repetitive drills of a whole lto fo different drills.  What you should do is take a look at our free download of Training Drills and also our lessons on Training Secrets.  Choose some drill s and complete them over the next few months.  You will start to see good improvements in your ability to coordinate your actions.

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