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HAI NGUYEN Asked 5 years ago

Hello Coach,

I am planning to build table tennis paddle on my own but I am confusing how to choose a blade and rubber.

I am offensive player, but I also want to be good in return serving and pushing the ball on defense.  Should I choose Defensive blade and Offensive rubber? Or should I choose all around blade and Offensive rubber? Or should I choose Offensive blade, offensive forehand rubber and defensive backhand rubber.  Please, advise me.


Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 5 years ago

Hi Hai,

I think an all round blade with a reasonably fast rubber on the forehand and a slower rubber on the backhand will suit you.  This will give you good control on the backhand and enough speed on the forehand to play some aggressive strokes.

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Nicolas Matthew

Nicolas Matthew Posted 5 years ago

Hi there, I think you should try different custom made paddles people have at least to know how fast of the ball bounce you need. In category maybe try searching for off (-) and take a good spin and a little bit fast speed, throw angle of rubber need to be considered. You might be afraid of the ball jumping out of the table at the first few hours you play with, but if you really are already up to the level, adaptation won't take that huge of a time. Advance blade also may reveal your stroke hidden mistake that you do not realise with a pre-build cheap racket. Its just a matter of bat angle and controlling the ball. Your choice might be wrong if your gameplay don't improve or as an offensive player have a good feel on the speed and spin you are giving on the ball. Donic vario big slam is a great rubber that I really recommend for your forehand. Yinhe carbon is a great blade to start up. There is a lot of carbon blade, make sure not to get over-excited with the speed rating or you might end up wasting money. Good luck :)

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