butterfly jonyer vs butterfly primorac off-

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manvindar singh

manvindar singh Asked 10 years ago

I want to buy a blade but i am confused which one is better....i want blade which is light in weight and speed should be good.

Can u suggest me any blade in this price range.

Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 10 years ago

Hi Manvindar,

The blade we recommend is the PingSkills Touch which is a good allround blade.  You can see it on our site.

Thinking about the two blades you have mentioned, I think the Jonyer is a little faster than the Primorac so that may be best if you are looking for speed. 

Remember though that training is very much more important that equipment. 

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manvindar singh

manvindar singh Posted 10 years ago

thx sir........rnI wanted to change the blade becoz currently i am using butterfly champ with pan asia rubbers.......i dont think it has enough speed and spin so i thought of changing it.....rnAlso can u suggest me which rubbers i should usernwhat about mark V on one side and sriver-fx or el on the other.....rnAnd which sriver is better for speed and spin??

manvindar singh

manvindar singh Posted 10 years ago

does anyone know the difference between srivers and which will be better fot spin?

Debo :

Debo : Posted 10 years ago

Sirver FX has the softest sponge, Original Sriver has harder sponge than FX and EL is in between.  EL is a good choice.  FX was a monster before Speed glue was banned.  

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