Can i apply glue on the red/black section of the racket?

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Aiman Z Unknown

Aiman Z Unknown Asked 16 years ago

another question but i think it's quite ridiculous. but i kept thinking..

Can i apply on the red/black section of the racket?

when it dried, i think it will give the red/black surface become form sticky and can create more spins.

But can i do that? im still not trying this method..i'm afraid that i will damage my racket. and can i use just normal glue instead of the speed glue..coz' i can't find it in my country. and if i do, it's quite expensive.

Jeff Plumb

Jeff Plumb Answered 16 years ago

Hi Aiman,

I'm certainly glad you haven't tried this yet. Do not put glue on the red or black side of your rubber. It will definitely affect your rubber in a negative way. The rubbers have been designed to allow you to generate spin when hitting a Table Tennis ball and the glue will become a layer between the rubber surface and the ball meaning you will get less spin. When Table Tennis glue dries, it does not become really sticky so it won't actually help anyway. And even if it did somehow help, I can imagine it would be difficult to actually get an even layer meaning that some parts of the rubber would grip more than others which would cause you all sorts of problems when playing.

Well done for some creative thinking but make sure you don't glue the playing surface (red or black side)  of your rubber. 

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