Can i hit the ball with my free hand ?

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Bahaa Unknown

Bahaa Unknown Asked 12 years ago

My friends told me that u can hit the ball with ur free hand once in a game is that true ?

another question ..

What happens if when serving the ball isn't thrown clear of my hand by at least 6 inches, do i lose the point or do I redo my serve ?



Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 12 years ago

Hi Bahaa,

Interesting Rules questions.

You are not allowed to hit the ball with your free hand at all. If you do it is the other persons point. 

If however the ball hits the hand with the bat in it and doesn't hit your bat it is a legal hit. If it hits both your bat and your hand it is a double hit and again you lose the point.

For the serve technically if the ball doesn't go out of your hand at least 6 inches you can lose the point straight away.  Usually you will get a warning by the umpire but if you do it again you usually lose the point. 

If you have other rules questions have a look at our lesson on the rules of Table Tennis.  You may find it helpful. 


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