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Engelbert Katutu

Engelbert Katutu Asked 10 years ago

Hi guys.. i have 2 blades 

1. Blade - Stiga Tube Carbo with F/H & B/H Rakza 7 Max

2. Super Balsa (Oversize) Blade 2 with F/H Roxon  330 & B/H Andro Plasma

I've only been playing 2 years... just learnt it 2010 & connected with the sport and became addicted ever since.. went through 13 blades and all sorts of rubbers.  I play 6 days a week (except Sundays)... take my bats everywhere oversea trips NZ, going crazy hehe... 

I enjoy playing with both blades, attack and blocking is awesome but now confused with which one should be my main blade, I even had the Rakza sheets on my Balsa blade as well and it just made it all the more confusing to choose??

Whats your views/comments on 1 ply blades and the normal 5/7 ply's etc... 

Thank you 

Mr Confused 

Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 10 years ago

Hi Engelbert,

I don't have an views about which of those two is better.  What I do know is that they probably aren't making a lot of difference to your game.   Just choose one, you can do it by lottery of you like and then put the other one in a locked cupboard.

Only play with one bat because you really are confusing yourself.  If you are changing blades you are never getting proper feedback with your technique and play.

Make a decision.  There are no wrong answers here. Stick with it and you can start to move ahead.

I always say that Waldner would beat me with any bat I gave him.

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