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Charles Unknown

Charles Unknown Asked 13 years ago

So for your information, the tournament is going to be delayed for 3 more days. I want to utilize that time for me to try out a different rubber and get the "feel" and get used to it. One rubber that is good for me is the Tenergy 05. It's fast, average on control but hard especially with a 2.1 mm. It's the perfect rubber for me since I am very offensive. With the new spring tech, it gives the ball spring giving it speed and spin. Even with a simple soft stroke, it hits still hard. Best of all, it dosen't need Speed Glue since it's like it had speed glue. Now my problem is that I want to be a full forehander and I have to rubbers: Tenergy 05 for Very Fast attacks, average control, hard feel and Skyline 3 TG for medium attacks, Good control and a softer feel.I want to use these two rubbers at once during a match. The rule states that I can't swtich rackets during a match. So I thought of just using both of them by using them both in 1 blade and just switching from Red to Black when I need them. I need your comments about this.

Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 13 years ago

Hi Charles,

The best advice I can give you is do not make changes to equipment so close to a tournament.  This is a natural reaction, but one that usually ends up in disaster.  When we get close to a tournament we get anxious and start to think about getting a small advantage.  The problem is that you will not be used to the new equipment.  Even if it feels OK in practice, when it comes to a game things become different.  If you make a mistake you start to think whether it is your equipment or your stroke.

Switching rackets during a tournament is also dangerous. Think more about playing good table tennis.

Save your changes to a less important time.

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Charles Unknown

Charles Unknown Posted 13 years ago

So I thought of just using both of them by using them both in 1 blade and just switching from Red to Black when I need them. I need your comments about this.

You forgot about this one. Thanks for the tip. I'll just stick to my Hard "Sandpaper" Racket for now. And to further discuss the one where you missed, I'll explain it. I'm a Pure Forehander with a slow but accurate precise footwork. Because of this, I don't have to use my "black"rubber which is for the backhand. Now what I'm asking is that is it legal to flip the racket over and put the black side to my forehand so that when I need it, i just use it? I need your comments on this.

Also about my Hard Sandpaper Racket. It isn't really a sandpaper racket. It's been banned according to ITTF. What I mean is that I have a Hard Sponge on the Red Side (2.1 mm) and a tacky very rough surface on the black side. That's why I called it that. You can be very amaze if you watched people using a very rough rubber like sandppaper since it generates different kinds of spins including the "screw spin" which has it own unique spin changing from one spin to another.

Jeff Plumb

Jeff Plumb from PingSkills Posted 13 years ago

Wow Charles,

You play all forehands! Do you use the penhold grip?

If you current bat has been banned by the ITTF then you really do need to switch to a legal bat if you are going to play in competitions.

It is legal to "twiddle" your bat during a match and switch between having the black or red rubber on your forehand. In fact the reason the rule came in that you need one red and one black rubber was so that even if you do twiddle during a point, your opponent can see which rubber you hit the ball with.

Charles Unknown

Charles Unknown Posted 13 years ago

Thanks for the info Jeff. I use the shakehand grip. Also, the tourney is always getting delayed. I couldn't sleep at night. Not because I'm nervous but I'm excited.

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