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Sameera P K

Sameera P K Asked 7 years ago

Hello Sir,

I just bought a donic waldner 600 premade bat.  But,I removed the rubbers of the blade as the rubbers were very slow.  Now, I replaced those rubbers with yasaka mark V which was around 1.5 years old.

This combination seemed to work for me for a year but now, since the rubbers are old, I feel they are also dead because i'm not able to lift the ball over the net consistently.

Can i continue with this donic premade blade by replacing it with different set of rubbers?  If yes, what are the other rubber options to suit this blade.

I think that the blade is also slow.  So, I just want to have the best rubber option for this.

With regards

Sameera PK

Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 7 years ago

Hi Sameera,

It depends if you are finding the blade too slow now.  If so then you can move onto a slightly faster bade otherwise juts replace the rubbers again.  You can get Mark V again or go for something faster like Yasaka Pryde or Rakza 7.

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