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Kenneth Tham

Kenneth Tham Asked 4 weeks ago

Dear PingSkills,

I have owned a table tennis blade (Donic Baum Carerra Senso) for a few years now, and am wondering when I need to change it. When will we need to change the blade due to wear and tear? How do we know when it needs to be changed? Are there any other factors to consider to decide whether to change a blade? Thanks.




Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 4 weeks ago

Hi Kenneth,

You can keep using the same blade for try long time.  They don't tend to reduce in performance very quickly.  I had one blade for 20 years.

If the blade is becoming chipped on the edges or has become damaged in any other way then consider changing.  Or you may feel that you have outgrown a blade due to it being too slow for you but as far as the actual wood changing properties it can last a long time.

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