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Bryan Villamayor

Bryan Villamayor Asked 5 years ago

Hi, Jeff and Alois, My sport is actually badminton but I started trying table tennis two years ago. Of course, while searching for greatness online, I came across PingSkills. Great!

I'm a public school teacher in the Philippines and table tennis is mostly (serious) recreation for my buddies and I. However, my kid brother recently moved in with me and I got him started (and hooked) into the sport. He's been playing for 3 months now and actually made it through our local district tournament and he will be representing our town in a bigger tourney next month.

His previous setup was the a basic bat with ox short pimples on th bh and DHS PF4 on the fh side. Now he's on his 4th day of training with a Globe Whirlwind 782 bat with Stiga Boost TP and a Yasaka Phantom on the bh. 

It's understandable that it will take a lot of adjustments with the new setup. He's making progress with his backhand but the consistency of his forehand attacks are still way below compared to his PF4 attacks (although when his attacks do connect, their devastating (faster) now compared to the PF4 version.

I'm not an expert and the upcoming tournament is really important for my kid brother, we need your help. Any advice?

Thanks a lot.

Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 5 years ago

Hi Bryan,

The main thing to get him to do is to work on control on the forehand side.  Get him to hit a lot of forehands at a slower pace till he starts to get the feel of the speed of the new rubber.

You can do this for one or two full training sessions.  Then if he starts to feel comfortable increase the pace gradually.

Let us know how he gets on.

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