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jorsel espino

jorsel espino Asked 9 years ago

Which is better a cheap robot or a partner that will feed u the multi-ball? What robot do u recommend for just mastering to top spin/loop the backspin. I read some reviews from the web that some robots are unrealistic when it comes to backspin, that makes it hard to loop. robot that range from $250-$400.


Jeff Plumb

Jeff Plumb Answered 9 years ago

Hi Jorsel,

Having a partner feed multi-ball is much better. It gives you a more realistic ball and you also can watch the ball come off the bat which you can't do with a robot. And as your partner gets better at feeding mulit-ball, you can do more complicated drills.

If you can't find a partner then a robot can be a good option. I don't have much experience with robots but if you use the search feature on the main ask the coach page and search for robots, you'll find some information.

If anyone else has a robot they use it would be great if you could leave a comment and let us know what you think of it.

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Huy Truong

Huy Truong Posted 9 years ago

I use newgy 2050 and it has 64 drills you can work on. I usually setup 8 drills and 2 warm up on every other day. Example of the drill, the robot can serve to you on short ball and then give you a long ball. Sometime I increase the speed of feeding the ball and random spot to increase my reaction and footwork. The advantage for using the robot is 95% of the time the ball will land on the same spot and allow you to develop your form. The down side is you won't know the feedback of your shot. But the good thing is you can go full power on the shot and don't have to worry about your partner trying to adjust your shot.

Jeff Plumb

Jeff Plumb from PingSkills Posted 9 years ago

Thanks for the feedback Huy.

jorsel espino

jorsel espino Posted 9 years ago

thats already a good robot u have, we cant afford that. anyway thanks for the tips.

Carl Warner

Carl Warner Posted 9 years ago

A lot of the robots sway towards using a spinning wheel to send the ball out. I started with a practice partner 50, which only has one wheel, and I found the spin to be very unrealistic. I spoke to the company I purchased it from and they kindly swapped it for the practice partner 60, which has two wheels (heads). This is a lot more controllable, and you can adjust the spin of each wheel in fine detail.

You also have choice of long shot, short shot, drop position on table (11 options), spins, frequency and loop. More than enough.

Bit more than the price range though. Very good quality.

I also agree on not knowing the feedback of shot, one of the downsides.

Can't take a robot to the pub after a training session either! LOL.

Sam Evans

Sam Evans Posted 9 years ago

I personally use the joola practice partner with net. It is inportant that you have it with the net. This only sends balls to one area of the table with variations of topspin and chop. If you want it to alternate directions then the practice partner pro is available. It only costs £180 with a net so is good value.

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