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choronicles Mu

choronicles Mu Asked 10 years ago

I'm going to use a chinese rubber( DHS Tin Arc 3) for the first time for my FH. And the seller who is a player as well, recommend me to boost the rubber and change the style of playing. He told me that the current loop i have belongs to the European loop which would not work well with the chinese rubber as it requires more power to be faster. I think i know the meaning of Chinese loop, which most say that it uses the twisting of the waist and the thigh with the combination of the arm to create more power. Can i stick with the European loop? But most say that Chinese Loop is better and train the basic of table tennis...

Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 10 years ago


The two types of loop are very similar.  In fact they have more similarities than differences.

You can stick with the European loop.

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