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Rohan Chattopadhyay

Rohan Chattopadhyay Asked 1 year ago

Yeah well to introduce myself I'd say that I'm an intermediate level player but didn't play for some time. I'm getting back to the game and pretty usually I'm trying to get a new racket.

So I've got get it in a budget under 1600 indian rupees. I'm currently looking at three options 

1. Donic Waldner line 800

2. GKI Euro V 

3. Stag power drive plus 

Please add any suggestions you want to and help me choose one






Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 1 year ago

Hi Rohan,

They are all fairly similar.

I would choose the one that is easiest to purchase with price or delivery options.

The main thing is to have something with a little grip to learn strokes.

We also have the PingSkills Rook as an option which will last you a while in your development.


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