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James Goulding

James Goulding Asked 8 years ago


Currently have been playing with T05 and Calibra LT (both 2mm) on a Timo Boll Spirit blade.  It has been working well for me, but have started to notice that I haven't been getting the quickness in my flicks or in looping due to the blade being quite heavy compared to other player's.

I was wondering, as I know my rubbers are quite heavy, if there are others which I could consider changing 1 or both to, to help lighten the overall weight, but not sacrifice speed or spin. Maybe, if possible, increase/enhance speed/spin?

Thanks in advance, for any advice.


Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 8 years ago

Hi James,

Good to hear from you.  Not my area of expertise but perhaps others will be able to help you out more.

The Tenergy is probably fast enough for you but it is quite heavy.  Do you like the throw of the Tenergy?

There are other fast rubbers that are a lot lighter.  You could think about the Tenergy 05 FX which is a bit lighter.  ANother option is the Vega Pro which is a little lighter.

Hopefully other equipment gurus will be able to help out more than I can.

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Jayce Soberano

Jayce Soberano Posted 8 years ago

I too have experienced in heavier Equipment. I used to use DHS hurricane 3 neo Fh and Xiom Sigma Euro BH and it was already a bit Heavy that time but a month ago i changed my FH to Xiom Tau wich is almost the same but very much faster. Equipment became noticably heavier. It is actually my ultimate Equipment so far and im quite happy with it. So i thought why not just Train With the Heavy Equipment and get used to it. If you really like Your setup you should stick to it and dont mind the heavyness IMO. Cause you will eventually be better With in time ;)

James Goulding

James Goulding Posted 8 years ago

Many thanks for your thoughts, I will take them into consideration.

Surapun Wongopasi

Surapun Wongopasi Posted 8 years ago

You might want to consider Tibhar 5Q, Tibhar Grip-S, or Xiom Vega Pro and Xiom Sigma II Europe.  All these rubbers are in the same class as Tenergy with regard to speed, spin and control and at least 5-8 grams lighter (cut sheet).  And you pay only 40-50% the price of Tenergy.

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