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AmekunRaiane Rivadeneira

AmekunRaiane Rivadeneira Asked 12 years ago

My friends said that clothes affects performance in Table T. as well, is it true?

and what type of clothes would you suggest in order to increase performance or move better?

before i was using basketball shorts which was below knee level and it gives me a hard time to bend and twist from my foot to knee, but when i bought shorts which length is above knee level. it became easier

btw love the website :)

Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 12 years ago

Hi Amekun,

It is most important that you feel comfortable in your clothing.  Shirts need to be light enough for you to move freely but not too big as this will effect you when you have to hit the ball that is close to you and on your serve.

I think longer shorts do restrict your movement because you can't bend your knees well enough in them.

Glad that you like the site!

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AmekunRaiane Rivadeneira

AmekunRaiane Rivadeneira Posted 12 years ago

thank you very much :)

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