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IMMANUEL J Asked 5 years ago

Dear Alois,

Hope all is well. I have a serious question and I hope you can shed some light on this.

I do play at a club, and certain specific club members use a racket GKI Kungfu that is practically dead . You can see the black spots on the red sheet rubber and instances of rubber slightly pealed off. Now there are strong objections against using such rubbers or rackets by other club members as they say that it affects their game as the ball returns from these dead rubber rackets are unpredictable. Most of the time they get net points which frustrates other members.

Now my question is, Is there a  rule in Table Tennis that states, though a TT rubber could be internationally recognized, a playing opponent has the right to prevent the player from playing with a dead or peeled off rubber that is glued to the racket. Personally I do not have a problem as I get to taste variety of strokes which makes it even more interesting.



Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 5 years ago

Hi Immanuel,

If the rubber is peeling or damaged around the edges then it is illegal.

The rule in the ITF rule book states:

  • 2.4.4  The covering material shall extend up to but not beyond the limits of the blade, except that the part nearest the handle and gripped by the fingers may be left uncovered or covered with any material.

  • 2.4.5  The blade, any layer within the blade and any layer of covering material or adhesive on a side used for striking the ball shall be continuous and of even thickness. 

  • 2.4.7  The racket covering shall be used without any physical, chemical or other treatment. 

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IMMANUEL J Posted 5 years ago

Thank You so much! Alois.

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