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Phil Stringer

Phil Stringer Asked 3 weeks ago

As a newly qualified basic coach I'm about to start some basic coaching with a few players who only play socially, usually doubles. They are older (60+) with various unorthodox styles and techniques that they may have held for some time. I don't have more than about 20 minutes with them at each session but this could be for a few weeks, or more if we all enjoy it!

What would you recommend I focus on in the initial sessions? I had planned to remind them of grip and stance and then coach backhand push in week 1 then forehand drive in week 2? I'm trying to find a balance between what is possible/realistic and keeping it fun and not too serious. Any thoughts?

Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 3 weeks ago

Hi Phil,

I often find with groups of players that have been playing for a while that approaching it more individually helps.

When you say you have 20 minutes with them, is that with the group as a whole?

I would get them together at the start and ask then what is the one thing that they want to get better at to be able to improve in games.  Then get them to start working on that with a partner for 10 minutes each.  You could go around and provide help to each of them for a few minutes each.  That is where they may be more open to learning some simple basics that will help them with that one specific area they want to improve.  This of course depends on the group and their willingness to make changes.  If they are the type of group that are happy to go back to basics and build a game then starting with some basics as a whole group can also work well.

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