Combination 729 C-2 Blade with Mark V max

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Last updated 11 years ago

AmirAli Tharani

AmirAli Tharani Asked 11 years ago

hi coach,

is the 729 C-2 blade with the mark v max a good combo for a topspin player who plays a close to the table as well as a mid distance looping game???

Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 11 years ago

Hi Amir,

I am not sure about the blade but the MarkV is suitable.  I hope someone that has used that blade will be able to help you here. 

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AmirAli Tharani

AmirAli Tharani Posted 11 years ago

thank you..

being more specific, the blade is a 5 ply ALL+ blade...

with this said, now can u tell me abt this combo??


Jason Smith

Jason Smith Posted 11 years ago

I use this blade sometimes for the beginners in our club. It's a fairly good quality blade for the cheap price, at least good enough that I keep buying them for learners.

 The C-3 is made from identical wood plys and thickness's but is a bit faster, to me it seems they are just graded at the factory between slow and a bit faster and the relevant handle stuck on. The C-2 is rated ALL+ and the C-3 ALL++

AmirAli Tharani

AmirAli Tharani Posted 11 years ago

thanx a lot Jason!!! :)

AmirAli Tharani

AmirAli Tharani Posted 11 years ago

would it b a gud idea to use this, C-2, blade wid tenergy 05 or 05fx?

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