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Rajwardhan Shingare Raj

Rajwardhan Shingare Raj Asked 3 weeks ago

Sir I am confused which rubber should i take, short pimple or simple rubber for backhand 

I have asked you before but you said, i should take same rubber that is rasanter R50 but i want more control, speed and spin than rasanter R50, for red(forehand) suggest me the better rubber than r50 and for black(backhand) which rubber should I take short pimple or simple, if you will suggest me short pimple then which rubber should i take and if simple then which ? 

Please suggest me the best rubber you know, THANKYOU !

Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 2 weeks ago

HI Rajwardhan,

I will hand this over to others who know more about rubber.

Without seeing you play it is hard to decide definitely between short pimple and inverted rubber.  The inverted rubber allows you more options but the pimples will give you something different.

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D K Posted 2 weeks ago

True,Raj,we have no information about your play,hard to advise

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