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Sameera P K

Sameera P K Asked 7 years ago

Hi Sir,

A week ago, i had bought a stiga offensive oversize blade since i had developed good control with the earlier blade.  But now,I am facing blocking problems with this blade.  Some of the problems are:

1. Due to the heaviness of the blade,I am not able to quickly move or adjust the angle of the blade for the block when my opponent does a powerful loop.  The ball will either sail off or i miss the contact of the ball.  How to quickly move the blade and adjust the angle for different spins of the ball.

2. I am a left hander.  When i hold this bat with the shake hand grip,the three fingers which come on the handle are not locked.They always go up which results in inconsistency of the strokes.But when i hold it with my right hand,the fingers just perfectly fit on to the handle.How can I get this perfect grip with my left hand.

With regards.

Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 7 years ago

Hi Sameera,

Try to give it time first for yourself to adjust to the speed and handling of the blade.  It will take a while sometimes.  If you can’t adjust then think about changing blades.  It is an expensive exercise, I know.

For the grip, again give it time for yourself to adjust tot he feel of the blade.  If it fits in your right hand it should fit in your left as well.


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