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SirLoops Alot

SirLoops Alot Asked 10 years ago

Has there ever been an attempt to do true controlled experimental comparisons of spin and speed between various brands and models of TT equipment? Most manufacturers use arbitrary number systems to denote spin/speed etc. When looking between brands though, it's difficult to really know how Yasaka's "9" for spin compares to Butterfly's "9". 

This question was prompted by my experience with blades. I'm a beginner and was using very lightweight balsa blades (Giant Dragon Kris II and Giant Dragon Balsa Power). The 1st is rated as mildly offensive on FH, and defensive on BH. The 2nd is rated as being "All+". I've used the same rubbers on other non-balsa OFF and OFF+ blades, and my experience has been that the balsa blades are MUCH faster than other blades. At first I thought this may be due to balsa's lighter weight and that one can swing racket faster, but I've found same result when doing blocking completely still. It's almost as if the balsa is like a 2nd sponge layer that kicks the ball out.

I'm now using a Butterfly Petr Korbel and love it; partially because the blocking is much more controlled and a bit slower all around than balsa. Am I alone in this observation?

Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 10 years ago

Hi Dan,

I don't know of any well controlled studies into equipment. You are right though that the ratings are too arbitrary.  That is why we always recommend players stick go with their feelings.

Often players do their own studies into equipment and give their opinions.  This can give you a guide but I think you never really know the feel of it unless you try it yourself.

I haven't done enough hitting with Balsa blades to give my opinion on them.  Perhaps others out there have.

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