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Judah Cagas

Judah Cagas Asked 10 years ago

hi coaches,

thank you for everything your are teaching to us that is for free

At our National Student Convention i represented my school.I got to the semi finals and this guy HE IS A LEFT HANDED.NOTE:I AM also is a LEFT HANDED.i had on left handers cause i regularly practice with right handers.he serves a long corkscrew serve to my backhand I topspin it but it just go out the same as pushing it would go sideways.

My question is how to counter a long spinny corkscrew serve that is going to my backhand? 

 I placed third on that event

thank you very much.


Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 10 years ago

Hi Judah,

A corkscrew serve is just a sidespin serve.

You need to angle your bat to face away from the side the ball wants to go naturally.  So if the ball is going to the right, then angle your bat to the left. Push your bat forward with the bat at this angle.  Don't try to do too much with the ball, just use the angle of the to counter the spin.

If you think you want to get serious about returning serve purchase a copy of the Receiving Secrets Revealed DVD.  This will explain and show you in great detail how to return all sorts of serves. 

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