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Rodrigo Aromas

Rodrigo Aromas Asked 3 years ago


I have problem with fast surprise serves. Usually it happens when I play against better player than me.  I always watch his paddle when it hits the ball and keep track of it. He serves either forehand or reverse pendulum. The ball goes right corner or left corner.

Thank you in advance, 


Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 3 years ago

Hi Rodrigo,

The main thing is watching the ball as soon as it leaves your opponent's hand.  The earlier you start tracking the ball the better.

The more you receive these serves the better you will get at reading the direction.

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Kevin James

Kevin James Posted 3 years ago

The surprise serve is usually a hit and miss. Don't premeditate and stay in your comfortable position and watch the complete ball follow up. With practice you would get better in handling such serves.

Frank Lucas

Frank Lucas Posted 3 years ago

I'd also recommend stepping a little away from the table when you return serves, if they serve deep and fast, that half step will buy you a little more space and time.

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