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Jim Martin

Jim Martin Asked 5 years ago

Say the score is 9/10, my opponents favor, and I just got the serve (so still two serves per player).  

I win the point of my first serve, so it’s 10 up (deuce).  Does deuce start immediately and the next serve goes to my opponent (so I don’t get my second serve), or do I get to serve once more and then serves alternate one serve each player (per deuce rule) until the end of the game? 

Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 5 years ago

Hi Jim,

This situation would not occur because in a game you change serve after the first two points and then every two points after that. So it would be a natural change of serve at 10 all. Then you change serve every point after that.

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Jim Martin

Jim Martin Posted 5 years ago


Silly me- that’s true, so at 10-10 there would always be a serve change anyway.  It was a hypothetical question, but we didn’t think about it enough to realize. Thanks! 

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