DHS Hurricane 3 Neo on Pingskills Touch blade

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Last updated 9 years ago

Gordon Smith

Gordon Smith Asked 9 years ago

Any idea how the combination of dhs hurricane 3 neo would go with a pingskills touch blade? DHS seems to be one of the very few brands that are very affordable even though I have never used dhs before. I was also looking into the yasaka pryde 40 but after buying 2 sheets for both sides, it would be over $60 more than the dhs hurricane 3 neo.

Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 9 years ago

Hi Gordon,

I think the Hurricane would be good on there.  Worth an experiment.

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Surapun Wongopasi

Surapun Wongopasi Posted 9 years ago

I think the Pingskills Touch blade is an allround which means that it is not fast and the DHS Hurricane 3 Neo is good for generating the spin but not the speed.  Its top sheet is both very tacky and grippy; it will hold the ball for almost 15 seconds when brand new before the ball drops onto the table.  Therefore, if you play a more defensive game at mid distance, it will suit you.  If you like to attack more aggressively, you will need to play closer to the table like the Chinese TT players and swing hard to win the point. 

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