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Nick Mukherjee

Nick Mukherjee Asked 7 years ago

Hello sir, 
I am a great fan of pingskills.I have a series of questions,which is written below.
1.What is the difference between pimple in and pimple out rubber?

2. I am going to change from pimple in rubber to pimple out rubber (long pimple) but the backhand rubber will be a pimple in rubber. Usually I am a player who chops more and finish with topspin or smash(modern defender). So will this decision of changing rubber will decrease my performance?

3. I had heard about long pimple rubbers which are for chopping and defending can there be long pimple rubber which has its pimple in? 

4.is yasaka phantom 0011 a pimple in rubber?

Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 7 years ago

Hi Nick,

Pimple in rubber allows you to generate more spin because the flat surface allows more surface area to contact the ball.  With the short pimples out you get less spin but more control.  With the long pimples out you can get different effects and reverse the spin on the ball.  Take a look at our lesson on the Effects of Rubbers.

I would use the long pimples on the backhand side mainly so that you can use your forehand to attack with the pimples in rubber.

The long pimple rubbers don’t come with the pimple in.

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