Difference between training and competition with hard rubber

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Robert Dittrich

Robert Dittrich Asked 1 year ago

Hi Alois,

I play the Xiom Vega Pro in forehand and backhand. Because of family and working I go to training only one time a week. I know that Vega Pro is a hard rubber and not so easy to control. Now here is my question: In training matches I often lose the game. But in competition, I can win my games. When I tried softer rubbers it was the other way around: I felt safe in training, but couldn't beat my opponents. So every time I come back to Vega Pro. Should I try to work on technique or is Vega Pro too fast for my little training? Greetings, Robert

Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 1 year ago

Hi Robert,

I feel if you like Vega Pro in matches then stay with it.  I don't feel like it is a really difficult rubber to handle.  In fact I like the feel of stand it gives some certainty in the direction the ball travels.

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Robert Dittrich

Robert Dittrich Posted 8 months ago

Hi Alois, thank you for your answer. I tried a couple of medium rubbers, but at the end returned to the Vega Pro. There's only one rubber, that is the Rakza7. It is not so bouncy and indirect like other slower rubbers. I feel more comfortable and safer. I have more confidence in different returning services and placement when I'm blocking or play the strikes completly from the start to the end position. 


Now my question again. I love the Vega Pro, would like to focus again on technique, for example with your great videos. Or I give the Rakza7 a chance.

I'm 42 years old and don't want to change material so much. But when it helps me in my development.... What would you decide in my place?

Greetings again from the south-eastern germany. 

Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario from PingSkills Posted 8 months ago

I would stay with the rubber that you feel comfortable which sounds like the Vega Pro.  I always think it is a personal choice with this. I use Rakza 7 which is fine. 

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