Difficulty in blocking fast topspin with faster rubber

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Last updated 6 years ago

Hatem Tawfik

Hatem Tawfik Asked 6 years ago

Hi coach,

I recently changed my rubber to a faster one so that I could play a more offensive game  , i.e. using spin with my forehand and backhand as well ( I switched to the Yasaka Red Dragon rubber) However now I have a problem blocking my opponents fast top spin . I just can't find  the right  angle on my racket  and the right distance from the table where I stand so that my returns will land on the other side . Most of my returns are too long and that makes me very vulnerable to any topspin attack. Any tips? 



Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 6 years ago

Hi Hatem,

It sounds like the rubber may be a bit fast for you.  You could try changing your rubber back and keeping that rubber until you develop further.

You can also try to relax your hand slightly to allow yourself to absorb the speed and spin on the ball.

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