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Snehil Kandpal Dhruva

Snehil Kandpal Dhruva Asked 4 years ago


I am a TT enthusiast. I play it as a hobby and fitness regime. Started my journey of playing table tennis since 2015. I used to play as a beginner using GKI Fasto table tennis paddle which I got used to in a month or so. It wore out in 6 months. Now, I own a GKI Kung-Fu paddle which has also lost it's grip. I don't want to assemble a custom raquet as I am not a pro. I need a pre-made TT raquet for myself considering I play around an hour or two a day.

I searched few paddles and I am stuck with 2 options:-

1. Donic Waldner 3000

2. GKI Euro Xx

You can also suggest me a racquet other than these. I am from India. We have only few easily available options here like GKI, Stag, Donic, Stiga and few Butterfly products.

I am an offensive player who like to play forehand top spin a lot. I am not a great backhand player but I am going through your video tutorials to learn that too ;).

Please suggest.


Snehil Kandpal

Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 4 years ago

Hi Snehil,

They are very similar in performance.  The other bat that I would recommend that I know has good rubber on it is the PingSkills Rook which you will find in our online Store.


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