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Graham Leslie

Graham Leslie Asked 1 year ago

During a recent local league match a player hit the ball twice when returning the ball.  He said this was allowed under the rules but no-one else was aware of this.  I remember this used to mean a lost point but has the rule changed?  Can you please clarify and point out the rule if it has changed.  

Graham Leslie

Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 1 year ago

Hi Graham,

They have changed the rule so that now you can hit the ball twice as long as it is part of the same stroke and not a deliberate second hit.

In the International rules this is covered by:

a player shall score a point 
if an opponent deliberately strikes the ball more than once in succession;

The word deliberately is the key word here.

I think this has been a good change of rule because often when the ball came off both the hand and the racket, which is a double hit, the honest players would admit to it and the others wouldn't causing angst.  Now the rule if fair for everyone.

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