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Sajid Siddiqi

Sajid Siddiqi Asked 9 years ago

I have a 7-ply carbon offensive blade (Waldner senso carbon ultra) with Yasaka Mark V on both sides. I find it much faster but possibly less spinny than my old wooden blade + softer rubber premade racket. I'm trying to understand how much of this racket's spin and speed to attribute to its blade vs. its rubber. I've heard that 7-ply carbon has very little 'flex' which apparently lowers dwell time and decreases spin as compared to a non-carbon / lower-ply blade, is that true? How would my racket's spin and speed differ from a slower blade + faster rubber combo, e.g. the Pingskills Touch with Xiom Vega Pro rubber? 

Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 9 years ago

Hi Sajid,

The blade is more for determining speed and a little to do with spin.  Whereas the rubber is a bigger factor of spin and also speed.

A longer dwell time will allow you to spin the ball a bit more and a faster harder blade allow you less dwell time and so less spin.

I like slower blades because they give you the control.  You get your speed and spin mainly from the rubber.

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