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Jasper Low

Jasper Low Asked 1 month ago

For some reason I feel like I am able to play better when I tuck in my shirt. What about you alois and the other pingskillers? 

Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 1 month ago

Hi Jasper,

It is about being comfortable.

I think I carried during my playing days of having it tucked and not tucked. Currently definitely not tucked.

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D K Posted 1 month ago

Well I am very irritated when it is not tucked in,not only in table tennis but in all life overally :D
But in table tennis it is so irritating that I have to stop the rally due to it.

Chris Brown

Chris Brown Posted 1 month ago

I think it depends on the shirt.  You don't want a shirt that is flapping around but if it is tucked in tightly it can constrict free movement.  So on balance (IMHO) get a shirt that feels comfortable but not too loose when not tucked in.   

Jasper Low

Jasper Low Posted 1 week ago

I noticed almost all of the top players have their shirts tucked in too. 

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