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Last updated 12 years ago

Mars De Los Santos

Mars De Los Santos Asked 12 years ago

What are the effects of the Long Pimpled Rubber? What that it do to the spin of the ball especially when coming from your normal soft inverted rubbers?

Jeff Plumb

Jeff Plumb Answered 12 years ago

Hi Mars,

The long pimpled rubber does not have much friction and hence it is difficult to generate much spin by itself. When your opponent plays a shot with a lot of backspin, because there is not much friction, the ball will not drag down as much as with normal rubber. The same applies with a topspin ball to long pimples.

Using the long pimples against a topspin, you can play a chop stroke and all of your opponents topspin will remain and turn into backspin. This is why a lot of defenders choose to have long pimples on their backhands.

Take a look at our following video lesson on the effects of rubbers.

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