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D K Asked 7 years ago

Hello PingSkills Team

I have trained serving fast and deep as it is much better for me.  Though,when I tried to do a really end-line shot, I ended up shooting it always into the net, or in case of backspin far behind the table. I was only successful with fast no spin serve.  And from backhand, I kept hitting the middle despite having little bottles in the corners to aim for.  Please,can you tell me where is the mistake?

also I want to ask:
If the short heavy spin serve requires thin contact and fast deep serve requires flatter contact,what should be my contact like when I need fast,deep but very spinny serve?
For example,in case of a sidespin serve, to get a serve that has its first bounce right on the corner, but it flies very fast with sharp curve?


PS:I found out that I am able to aim surprisingly accurately with forehand tomahawk and forehand windshield serves from the middle: I was able to hit the bottles 9x in a row.
Thanks to your windshield wiper video that helped me :D

Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 7 years ago

Hi DK,

I am glad that you are working on your serves.

The fast deep spin serve needs a fast and brushing contact.  Firstly aim to hit the ball long off the end of the table to see how far you can hit it.  This will also relax your swing to enable a faster swing.

Then as you start to get the ball longer you can work on getting a faster finer contact to generate more spin on the serve.

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D K Posted 7 years ago

Thank you :)
I already managed to get to a point where I can do about at least 15 visually different serves (backhand,tomahawk,wiper,pendulum,reverse pendulum,plain).
They usually lack the correct height,speed,length or spin,but at least I can get them on the table :D

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