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Mahmood Majeed Faris

Mahmood Majeed Faris Asked 10 years ago

Hi Coach, every one!

I felt the need to send a feedback on the bat I got from PingSkills.
Its was PingSkills Touch+Yasaka Mark V+Yasaka Pryde
And I must say here that after playing with it almost two weeks, its AMAZING, for the 1st impression, wanna know why?

As for the blade:
Its medium-light ~83g, made of carbon, with falred handles, kinda soft, on hard smashes and blocking the vibration is felt on the handle. What makes this blade special is the way it cuts through the air, its very sharp, giving the impression of the blade being very light during usage, so it actually helps you to be even faster than you are. And another feature, is that it, because of its smooth movement, adds more spin to my shots, but I would say around 10-15 cm (The rubber helps too).
I really like the colour, it makes me feel like my smashes are ghosty... :D


Yasaka Mark V: an Amazing all-round rubber, with extra boost if combined with a carbon blade. Its not VERY VERY spinny or speedy, but it literally gives you the chance to place the ANYWHERE on the table. Looping, smashing, blocking, even chopping is very easy with it. It has a nice dwelling time (You can go and take a coffe break until the dwell finishes LOL) so its forgiving. Not too hard not too soft, just perfect. And as I red from reviews online that its a veryyyyyyy diurable rubber, even one story was saying that a coach used the same Mark V he had for 20 years continously until once it fell off the blade during a match LOL (I think its tooooo exaggerated, but you get the point!).
As I see it, its a the best choice for intermediate players who want to work on technique and strategies, because the rubbers gives you the chance to learn big time.

Yasaka Pryde: this is Tensor version of Mark V, its faster, spinnier. I think this is a very good choice for intermediate-advanced players who want to develop the speedy smashes and fast spinny rallies with variable gears. Its a soft rubber, tacky enough to be dealt with. It has a nice click sound on hard smashes.
For me not only I like its speed, but also the way it spins the ball (I usually smash by waving my hand from behind my calf forewards and upwards, but ) giving the feature of the blade too the spin is just admirable.

For my style this combo is very good, it helps me develop more.
I use the Yasaka Pryde as my Forehand, as I am really confident of my smashes. And Mark V for the backhand, because I need more time to develop it, to smash and loop with. I highly recommend this for ambitious players.

After all, thanks to Coach Alois and Champ Jeff for their nice blade and very professional recommendation.

I shall see if I can upload a video...! 

Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 10 years ago

Hi Mahmood,

Very pleased that you liked it so much.  I guess we couldn't do a better testimonial.

The only thing it isn't a carbon blade but apart from that I agree with you.  Both Jeff and I really like the blade. 

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M V Posted 10 years ago

I also loved the flared handle, i did not know the benefits of it till i got hold of the pingskills touch blade, it sits beautifully in my palm, helps my grip and also overall increases the comfort factor of using this blade.

well done jeff and alois...

Ronnie Jespersen

Ronnie Jespersen Posted 5 years ago

After purchasing this bat, I immediately saw an improvement in my game.  With the Mark V rubber, this bat offers incredible control and delivers a smooth transition from a beginner pre-made bat to custom bats.  I've enjoyed my first couple of weeks with this bat and is an envy of my fellow competitors.

Many thanks.


Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario from PingSkills Posted 5 years ago

Great to hear it Ronnie.  Happy hitting...

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