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Jeromy Polachak

Jeromy Polachak Asked 11 years ago

I am looking to get a first real bat(not preassembled one). I have been looking and saw the Primorac Bat, and was thinking about the Sriver El for both sides but not sure. I was also contemplating getting the Tenergy 05-fx, but to be honest I don't know if im nowhere near good enough for that speed yet? To be honest i just went to my first club two days ago and got destroyed by everyone almost. I just learned about rankings and probably am about a 1000 so im all new to this. But i want to not get something and improve greatly quick and realize i should of gotten a better bat. I will be getting a newgy this week and really going to improve quick. So your advice on the first bat would be awesome and when getting a robot do you feel that getting oscillation is mandatory? Appreciate all your advice, your site is quickly getting me to learn about the sport where i couldn't of from where i was playing before.

Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 11 years ago

Hi Jeromy,

I wouldn't get Tenergy as my first bat.  I think it would be too fast.

You need to choose a bat that has good control.  It will still be  lot faster than a pre-made bat.  What we recommend is the Custom Table Tennis Bat PingSkills Touch with Mark V.  As long as you get a slow blade with reasonable rubber.

As far as a robot, I would recommend one with oscillation otherwise it becomes very limited as to what you can do with it.

Thanks for the kind words.  They are appreciated.  It is good to know we are helping. 


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Paul Johnson

Paul Johnson Posted 11 years ago

Hi Jeromy,

If you are going with a Newgy I would recommend the 1050. I have had mine for about a year and it is very nice. It has oscillation and is digital with many preprogramed drills so that will also help with your footwork. You can even program your own drills or download them from the web. The analog ones are ok but they just sweep back and forth and can become predictable. I recommend the 1050 one over the 2050 since the 1050 allows you to move the unit around the table and even back from the table to simulate long loops and crazy lobs. Its also helpful to get the ball catch net so the balls are less likely to go all over the place. I recently picked up the Robo-Caddy to hold balls close to me for easy serving practice (less strain reaching for balls), it also holds the 1050 perfectly to place away from the table for long loops. I have a Pong-Pal too which is ok but recently picked up My Ping Pong Buddy from and that thing blows the Newgy ball picker upper away. It capacity is four times the Newgy, can pick up multiple balls at once and quick unload.

Hope this helps.


Jeromy Polachak

Jeromy Polachak Posted 11 years ago

im thinking of getting the ipong net catcher, rather then the newgy because its cheaper, any reason i shouldn't? Also i think you have persuaded me to get the 1050, i was gonna get the 1040, but i think it would be better to get the 1050.

Paul Johnson

Paul Johnson Posted 10 years ago

The iPong one looks pretty good. The only concerns i have are the fabric looks pretty taunt so fast balls might bounce back onto the table and not sure how easy it sets up and breaks down (Newgy is kinda bulky but not too bad). I dont have any issue with balls flying out of mine. rnrnYou could go with the iPong and if thoses things bother you hen you could return it and get a different one. Just make sure you find a store with a good return policy.

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