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andrew streng

andrew streng Asked 8 years ago


I searched the site and found what you recommend for the foot weight distribution on the forehand.  70% at the start of the stroke, 50-50 at contact and then finishing with 70% of your weight on the left foot ( for right handers) at the end of the stroke.  I have the beginning and middle ok but I don't get the 70% on my left foot at the end of the stoke.

I know this slows my speed and reduces my power for the forehand. Any advice is appreciated.

Also I wish you could get royalties for others using your coaching techniques.  I have used many of your tips such as move-stop- hit  and getting the bat to your eyebrow at the end of the stroke on the forehand with beginners.  So effective.  I do credit Pingskills and hope they go to your site


Andrew Streng

Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 8 years ago

Hi Andrew,

Try bending the knees a little more.  This may help if your weight is going up.  Do the stroke slowly, one ball at a time and don't get your partner to feed another one out until the weight goes all the way onto the left.  As you do this a few times you can start to do 2 balls at a time and so on.

I am glad that you find the tips useful…  Always good to hear that they are being used and helping.

Thanks for the recommendations.  I am sure they all help.

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