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Andrew Pape

Andrew Pape Asked 11 years ago


last year I played a match wearing Nike indoor sports shoes. They'd always felt comfortable, and were expensive. The only thing I didn't like to do was run on concrete. But the day after the match, my feet killed me. It is about 3 months later, and I still have sore feet. In past years I have had the bad habit of stomping me feet, but I don't think I was doing that in the match. I think the Nike shoes were to blame, especially since they had bad soles and bad arch support. The internet said that if you exercise with such shoes, you can get into trouble, with your whole feet in pain. This occurs after the feet have been immobile for some time, eg when getting out of bed in the morning. I have since been to a podiatrist and been given some exercises. My feet are gradually improving, although I walk like a duck when I get out of bed in the morning.

I have since decided to wear shoes with more padding and arch support, and am wearing Asics Gel running shoes. This has done the trick for the most part. The floors at the club are wooden boards. Often such surfaces are dusty and slippery, but I think the boards have been sanded down and had epoxy applied to them. This has made my shoes too grippy. Other players have noticed this also, and so it seems that I should change footwear, as a grippy floor can cause injury when your feet stop and your inertia keeps you going.

I find the Butterfly shoes to lack a soft sole and don't seem to have much arch support. In the old days, before Butterfly made shoes, it was recommended to wear Asics. I've seen a new type of Butterfly shoes that are labeled "Gel". I'm sure Ascis would have patented the gel, so I reckon the shoes are made by Asics and have Butterfly's name printed on them. Do you know anything about these new shoes, or have advice or what other shoes (TT brand or otherwise) would be good?

(Many players wear cheap Dunlop shoes, but my practice partner, who wears them, seems to dislike them on the new grippy flooring).




Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 11 years ago

Hi Andrew,

I think it is important to have some support in your shoe.  The Table Tennis shoes of old were very low on the support and tended to lead to a lot of foot damage.  I am not sure about other shoes but the Asics Gel indoor is an excellent shoe that will give you good support.  I am not sure about the link between Butterfly and Gel shoes.  Maybe one of our readers will be able to help.

Any help out there? 

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Andrew Pape

Andrew Pape Posted 11 years ago

Hi Alois,

I did a Google search for "Asics indoor shoes" (or something like that) and was directed to a range of Asics indoor sports shoes. I went to a cheap Asics store, and these shoes were all sold out. But I was referred to Rebel Sport. The Asics Gel Rocket was seliing there for $80 (reduced from $120). The ad on the net said they were $110. I have been wearing the shoes in for a few weeks, and today was the first time I've used them in comp (social). The Rocket shoes are about the cheapest in the Asics indoor range, but they look and feel great. The upper part is like the typical Asics running shoe, but the sole isn't as thick, being made of a different material, I've had no problems with grip on the floor. For some reason, the indoor shoes are quite a lot heavier than the running shoes. I don't see any advantage in buying any of the more expensive models of Asics indoor shoes. I haven't played enough to write a thorough review, but so far I'm pleased. Thanks for recommending Asics indoor shoes.

PS: I wonder if the more expensive models are lighter? That may seem an advantage, but I only notice the difference because I've been changing from one pair to the other.




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