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lawrence harvey

lawrence harvey Asked 5 years ago

Hi Alois, I've crossed one hurdle only to find another I never thought of - I'm now able to attack the short fast backspin serve that comes Across the table to my backhand side, but I end up in no man's land because both feet are on the side of the table close to the net and I just can't get back in time to cover the far side of my table, which ultimately costs me the point anyway because better players block my backhand loop to that corner, so should I stop moving all the way around and just make a defensive play like a short push, or should I make the attack and work on my  speed to return? Is there an ideal way to return this serve ? Especially when it's fast, if I don't move into position to face it then I end up stretching and popping it up..... 

Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 5 years ago

Hi Lawrence,

A few things to explore here.

First how are you moving into the table for the short ball.  If you are right handed, always move in with your right leg only.  Your left leg shouldn't need to move too much.  Take a look at this Premium video on Position and Footwork.

Then also think about whether the attack is the best option for your game.  I think the short push option is often a better option than a mid strength attack which, as you are finding, just opens the rally up for your opponent to make the first effective attack.

Think about your footwork first and if you are doing this well and still not getting the rally that you want, then think about your receiving options.  Take a look at this lesson as well on Receiving Options.

Both of these videos are in the Receiving Secrets section.

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