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Marek Griga

Marek Griga Asked 7 months ago

When i do my forehand loop (topspin), i do backswing (going down), then i go up/forward and then when ball is on my paddle, my arm can't go through ball upward so it can stop during contact time (imagine that my arm should finish at my eyes level and it will stop under eyes level). How to use force from my body to make my arm go through ball upward no matter what? 

Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 6 months ago

Hi Marek,

this is an issue I hear often from people that are trying to develop their forehand loop. The forehand loop is a difficult stroke to master and it is important you do not try to rush the process. The key to making sure your arm goes through the ball correctly is to make sure you relax your arm, especially your shoulder.  The more you try to force it the more the shoulder will cease up.

Then take it slowly, get your body used to the arm following through.  Start with one shot at a time.  Complete the shot and no matter what, before you hit the next ball touch your eyebrow with the racket.  Only then get your partner to feed the next ball to you.

Soon your body will start to feel the ease of allowing the arm to follow through fully.

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