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Simon Lewis

Simon Lewis Asked 10 years ago

Hi Pingskills,

My forehand is my biggest strength. My backhand is my biggest weakness! I have been working on my backhand a lot, but have also been working on my forehand attack from the backhand corner. My forehand down the line from the backhand corner is fine, but trying to go across court with my forehand from the backhand side is tough.

Do you have any tips on this? Some people have said that the amount I turn my hips when I play the shot across court sometimes means that I make shot very hard, but I'm not too sure why! Any ideas??

Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 10 years ago

Hi Simon,

When you hit the forehand from the backhand side you just need to turn your waist slightly back to get the ball cross court.  You can also use the angle of your wrist to change the direction. By angling your wrist back more you will be able to change the direction of the ball cross court.

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